Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Immediate assistance 24/7 Water Damage Restoration San Carlos.

Emergency Restoration in San Carlos, California.

Have you been the victim of a flood recently?  Has your home been put into a condition that is less than perfect and you are at a loss for words and thought?  Tragedy is unfortunate, but to every tragedy there is solution, and here at Dryfast of San Carlos, California, we have the right solutions to offer you to get you back on track.  Call us or stop by at our local office in San Carlos. With several years in the field of carpet cleaning we offer a variety of services and one of them happens to be flood restoration.  Don’t count yourself out of luck yet, let us come and properly evaluate the situation and tell you exactly what can be done.

The process of cleaning a carpet that’s experienced flood damage goes as followed:

Water Extraction- We use the latest and most effective equipment to remove water at the deepest layer of the carpet, this almost removes bacteria and potential harmful chemicals Anti-Microbial Spray- This is an application of a spray that prevents mould from growing that can potentially really harm your family. Anti- Browning Spray- This prevents discoloration to the carpet due to the flood damage and moisture it absorbedCarpet Buffing/Drying- Both of these sprays are forced into the carpets at the deepest layers to force a maximum cleaning, and then driedFinalization- The carpet is sanitized and brought to a condition where it is safe to be put back into the home in San Carlos.

The process we use takes every possible avenue and reduced all safety risks.  Our Goal is your safety and providing a job we can be proud of at the end of the day.  Always Fresh wants the very best for your home and takes pride in offering the abilities we have grown to master over time.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.
San Carlos local business.  Contractors license #959870
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Sunday of the year of 2015,

Good morning to all in this beautiful Sunday morning,
As George Takei says  "Oh my " , still can not get my hand to write 2015 will take some time...

It is going to be another quiet and full of joy Sunday for most, spending time with family and friends,  hiking, skiing or just have some great time at the park.

Well, there's always another side of the poem,  /the other side of the story/, the way the water damage emergency response team Dryfast sees and experience,

Just heard the roll up door opens and couple of water damage trucks drove in,

Yes they were out there in Redwood City  assisting those in need,

Water damage can never be planned ahead of time,  but you can prepare, the number below is answered 24/7 , we can help with water extraction, plumbing repair, insurance claims, structural drying and more,
they call as " The restoration army"  .it must be for a reason  :) we are always ready,

At Dryfast we understand the importance of immediate response when disaster strikes.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Water Damage Restoration Redwood City, California

Reliable Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal in Redwood City, California

Hello and welcome to Dryfast,
We provide water damage restoration solutions that prevent mold growth (we dry out wet properties on time )

Call today 1-800-980-8003 to get Free Inspection and Estimate on your project.

1. Water Extraction.
2. Drying Equipment set up.
3. Daily Monitoring and moisture readings.

Under the same ownership for 12 years.
Licensed General Contractors
License# 959870
(Only 1 in 20 companies are actually licensed to do such work)